Stuff you will need:
About 5 minutes
1 - Phillips screwdriver
1 - Flat blade screwdriver
1 - Pair of needle nose plyers
1 - An intermittent wiper relay
6 Pin Relay P/N: 321 955 531 A (This is the one in my Cabby)
6 Pin Relay P/N: 191 955 531 About $17 @ (Direct replacment for 321 955 531 A)
7 Pin Relay P/N: 111 955 531 About $80 @ (I think this is the programable one) lists a programable relay for $30 Their P/N: 3B0955531

Remove the 2 phillips screws on the under side of the stering coloum so you cna take the 2 half covers off.
Get the flat blade screwdriver and pop the little plastic tab free. It's about 11'0 clock.

Then just pull it out.

You should now be able to move the wiper lever 'down' to a position 1 lower then off.
Crawl under the dash by the fuse panel and look for a metal bar connecting 2 pins together.

Get rid on that sucker and plug in your relay.
Start the engine or turn the key to the run position and move the wiper arm to the new position.
Your wipers should now work intermittenty, but in a good way. ;)
Put the cover back on the steering coloum and put the screw in.